Just like many other branches, the relining industry has multiple names for the same thing. It can be a jungle to figure out what is what and if there is any generic difference between the techniques. Basically, CIPP (cured-in-place pipe) and relining are the same things. These are the most commonly used names for installing a new pipe within an old pipe, without the need to dig or excavate the ground material on top of the pipe. Another commonly used word for this way of work is a no-dig replacement, that is self-explanatory in itself.

CIPP systems

The method of installing a new pipe within an old requires two basic materials, liner and resin/chemistry. To cure the installation a relining system is used, consisting of multiple different machines depending on the process. UV Relining manufacture a relining system based on UV-curing resin, making the installation process fast, reliable and safe.

Cured-in-place pipe (CIPP) lining

The methods have had an exponential development process, making this method the most efficient way of installing/renovating pipes without the need of removing material to reach the pipes, destroying landyards, gardens, driveways and road. As the development proceeds within the industry, the installation process will become more and more time and cost efficient with less environmental impact both locally as well as globally.  

Lining through manhole with uv relining solution