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UV Light Curing Resin

Welcome to the world of UVLCR, the exceptional UV curable resin with an ultra-low VOC formulation. With its unique properties, UVLCR is the ideal choice for cured-in-place pipe applications that strictly prohibit the use of styrene or other volatile organic (VO) components.

UVLCR has been specifically developed to maximize the performance of  UVRelinings installation system, including UV600RS, UV600RS+, UV360RS,  UV360RS+ and our latest innovation, UV XAIR. When used in conjunction with the UVHL House Liner, UVLCR delivers unparalleled results, ensuring the utmost efficiency and durability.

Say goodbye to the limitations imposed by traditional methods and embrace the power of UVLCR. Experience the future of pipe relining technology by incorporating UVLCR into your next project.

Optimize Performance with the Perfect Material Combination

Ensuring a good material combination is crucial for any project, as it can significantly impact both performance and cost savings. By carefully selecting compatible materials, such as UVLCR resin and the appropriate liner, you create a synergistic relationship that maximizes the effectiveness of your application. A well-matched material combination not only enhances the overall durability and longevity of the system but also minimizes the risk of premature failures or costly repairs.

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Uncompromised quality

Our commitment to uncompromising quality is evident in every aspect of UVLCR. With stringent quality control measures in place, we ensure that every batch of UVLCR meets the highest standards, guaranteeing consistent and reliable performance. Its advanced formulation ensures excellent stability, even in challenging conditions, allowing for hassle free installation and long-term performance.

Time is essential

Time is of the essence in relining projects, and UVLCR understands that. With optimized curing speeds, UVLCR streamlines the installation process, reducing downtime and accelerating project completion without compromising on quality.