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Enjoy unparalleled efficiency as these liners come ready-to-use, eliminating the need for on-site impregnation. Achieve superior quality and consistency in your projects while significantly reducing installation time. UVRelining’s preimpregnated liners redefine reliability, making them the smart choice for a streamlined and high-performance relining process.


Designed with compatibility in mind, UVHL is optimized to be used in conjunction with UVRelinings’ Light Curing Systems, ensuring a seamless and efficient installation process. Its synergy with our UVLCR (UV Light Curing Resin) is a testament to our commitment to maximizing performance, durability, and overall effectiveness.

For those who prefer to impregnate on their own, we offer all necessary tools to optimize and ease you impregnation process. However, we offer an unbeatable service with a wide range of pre-impregnated liners, freshly made upon order ready for your installation. 

Wide variety of dimensions

UVHL is available in a versatile range, from DN70 to DN300, accommodating various pipe sizes and diameters. This flexibility allows for seamless integration into a multitude of projects, delivering consistent results every time. All dimensions are available for delivery, pre-impregnated with our UVLCR resin.