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With intense UV-light and innovative cooling technique, our light-head ensures fully cured liners, every time. The slim body design and compact light-unit, enables the head to pass through the otherwise impossible, 90 degree bends.
With a camera and LED on the top of the head, you can easily inspect your installation right before curing, without the need of a separate inspection unit. This eliminates back jobs due to curing of collapsed liners.

Fourth generation system

Relining has for many years been using old fashion and traditional methods to renovate old and broken sewersystems. We belived that it could be done faster, better and in the end, cheaper. That’s why we developed our UV-curing linersystem, a revolution on the market. The UV360RS+ is the fourth generation of our uv-curing installation systems, better than ever before. It has a smaller head enabling installation down to DN70 with multiple 90degree bends, has an even more reliable control system, upgraded camera system and improved frame design. 

Our relentless pursuit of innovation and expertise allows us to create cutting-edge solutions that are meticulously aligned to maximize their effectiveness. Through extensive research, advanced technology, and a deep understanding of the industry, we ensure that our relining systems, chemistry, and liners work seamlessly together to achieve outstanding results. Whether it’s enhancing durability, improving performance, or optimizing efficiency, our integrated approach guarantees a comprehensive solution that meets and exceeds your expectations.

Reliable puller unit

The UVRelining pulling unit is designed to both push, and pull. Powerful and high end engines, makes sure your curing process is reliable and stable, throughout the whole process.
With our system, you will not need to loose preassure when installing the lighthead, risking the liner to wrinkle, fold or have other imperfections.

User friendly control unit

The user friendly interface of the UVRelining control unit, contains all the information needed to have full control of the process. Liner, chemistry, speed, pressure, videofeed etc, it’s all there for easy overview and documentation.
The whole process is automatically recorded and stored for quality control purposes, on USB drive or memory card. Now you can deliver a full project report for the end use, straight after installation

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